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of the mineral and surface rights to the land, respectively, they have a direct interest in seeing the project move forward. In
fact, concurrent private ownership of such rights is rather rare in mining projects today. The land where Donlin Gold is located was designated for mining under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) long before exploration activities commenced, and the respective rights were subsequently transferred to Calista and TKC. Donlin Gold has life-of-mine agreements with both, and we are grateful for their long-term support and commitment to the project. We are all dedicated to supporting Calista’s and TKC’s mandate to help develop their land for the economic benefit of the region and for all stakeholders in accordance with ANCSA.
The partnership with Calista and TKC has strengthened
over the last year. All three partners collectively focused on
safety, culture, and social responsibility by maintaining regular communication with stakeholders and engaging in meaningful ways to promote the health and well-being of local communities. Donlin Gold has continued its outreach activities with both Calista and TKC via Tribal council and stakeholder meetings that have shifted to phone calls and video conferences given the ongoing situation with COVID-19. Other important initiatives included Donlin Gold scholarships, which are granted annually to students selected by Calista and TKC to benefit youth education in the region, and the CleanUp GreenUp program, in which 32 Y-K villages participated in cleaning up their communities.
In the summer, commitment to Y-K communities was reflected in the Donlin Gold Backhaul Hazardous Waste Removal Partnership – an initiative that saw 28 Y-K communities collaborate with key local groups to remove approximately 45,000 pounds of household hazardous materials and electronic waste, which was collected and shipped out for proper disposal. This event built on three previous occasions during 2018 and 2019 when more than 140,000 pounds of household hazardous materials were removed from 15 villages on the Kuskokwim River.
Access to training and education is critical for youth and young adult students. Recognizing this need, Donlin Gold scholarships
are awarded to students selected by Calista and TKC to benefit education in the region. Calista awarded a total of 225 scholarships in 2020, with 158 students attending schools in Alaska and 67 going out of state. Donlin Gold also hosted two week-long virtual Alaska Resource Education minerals camps for Y-K and Doyon students.
As part of Donlin Gold’s ongoing community engagement efforts, Friendship Agreements were signed by six Y-K communities (Crooked Creek, Sleetmute, Nikolai, Akiak, Napaskiak, and Napaimute) in 2020. These agreements build upon long-term relationships and address specific community needs such as water, sewer, and landfill projects; the ice road that connects remote villages in the Y-K region during the winter months; salmon studies; and suicide prevention programs. These various partnerships, activities, and programs demonstrate NOVAGOLD’s, as well as Barrick’s, unwavering commitment to sustainable and responsible development for the benefit of all stakeholders in the Y-K region.
4.17 m at 80.6 g/t, including a sub-interval of 3.15 m at 106.2 g/t
41.91 m at 11.6 g/t; including sub-intervals of 4.00 m at 17.0 g/t and 6.48 m at 38.8 g/t
47.66 m at 4.8 g/t, including a sub-interval of 4.00 m at 19.5 g/t
6.93 m at 43.1 g/t, including a sub-interval of 3.25 m at 90.5 g/t
   Lewis Pit
8.14 m at 45.3 g/t, including a sub-interval of 6.84 m at 52.1 g/t
19.77 m at 11.3 g/t, including a sub-interval of 7.00 m at 25.2 g/t
                        ACMA Pit
37.30 m at 7.0 g/t, including a sub-interval of 3.30 m at 24.5 g/t
45.91 m at 5.0 g/t; including a
 sub-interval of 11.95 m at 10.4 g/t
51.15 m at 4.6 g/t, including a sub-interval of 7.60 m at 12.4 g/t
103.88 m at 6.1 g/t, including a sub-interval of 22.15 m at 12.5 g/t
Pit outline is mineral reserve pit outline from Second Updated Feasibility Study. See “Cautionary Note Concerning Reserve & Resource Estimates” and “Mineral Reserves & Mineral Resources” and associated information on page 50. See media release dated March 25, 2021, “Donlin Gold Announces Assay Results From Remaining 30 Percent of the 2020 Drill Program, Consistent With Previously Reported Results of Higher Than Predicted Grade-Thickness” here:

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