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NOVAGOLD's 2021 Sustainability Report NOVAGOLD's 2021 Sustainability Report  NOVAGOLD's 2021 Sustainability Report
NOVAGOLD's 2021 Sustainability Report Data Sheet NOVAGOLD's 2021 Sustainability Report Data Sheet
NOVAGOLD's 2020 Sustainability Summary Report Sustainability report
NOVAGOLD's 2020 Sustainability Summary Data Sheet Sustainability report

NOVAGOLD is committed to responsible mining, protection of human life, encouragement of good health, good stewardship of the environment, and adding value to the local communities. We are dedicated to building trust and transparency in – and continuous improvement and enhancements to – our sustainability initiatives and policies. We believe that mines can be developed in collaboration with people who have the local knowledge to help minimize environmental impacts while benefiting from economic activity. NOVAGOLD is committed to the principles of sustainable development, including the conservation and preservation of natural resources and of the environment.

We strive to achieve the highest possible standards through our workforce performance, actions, and conduct. We also believe that it's only through a balanced development plan – one that enhances economic growth, provides a safe and healthy workplace, and establishes strong and collaborative working relationships – that we can bring tangible, long-lasting benefits to our community partners. We aim to achieve that goal through openness, transparency, constructive dialogue, and with respect for the values, the culture, and the language of the people of the Yukon-Kuskokwim region.

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