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Gold & Mining

Mining Matters

A popular expression says, "If it can't be grown, it must be mined."

The mining industry produces the metals and minerals that are essential to economic prosperity and a better quality of life. While currency and jewelry often first come to mind when thinking of precious metals, in reality gold and silver have numerous applications in everyday life. 

In fact, nearly everything we depend on is either made from metals and minerals or relies on metals and minerals for its production.

Consider medical, dental and scientific equipment, cables and wires, photography, water distillation, electronic devices, batteries, and even your cutlery. From toothpaste and makeup to the computers, cars, telephones, television and eyeglasses, and even the medication and vitamins you take every day — almost every single item you use contains minerals and metals.

Consider your house and the bed you collapse into every night, where would we be without minerals and metals?

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