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Our People

We're committed to providing an environment in which all of our people make it home safe each and every day; and empowering individuals and communities to work together to ensure a brighter future for everyone. That means a focus on health and safety, where we adopt and implement a high level of protection for our employees and contractors as well as invest in safety programs throughout the Y-K region; workforce development with educational activities and programs through the region’s communities; and providing employment opportunities through our commitment to local hiring and training programs.

Health And Safety

2018 saw zero lost-time or medical incidents at Donlin Gold (now more than 2 million hours worked since 2006 without a lost-time incident) and no lost-time incidents at Galore Creek prior to the July 27 sale. In addition to purchasing new training equipment for a local technical school, Donlin Gold particpated in a safety and emergency preparedness workshop and distributed safety gear in villages throughout the Y-K region.

Workforce Development

Working with the State of Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Native Corporations, school districts, and regional training facilities, Donlin Gold continued efforts to provide supplemental academic, career, and technical education in rural areas throughout the state. Those efforts included supporting programs for high school students and young adults – providing a clear career pathway into the workforce – and scholarships for both the Calista Corporation and The Kuskokwim Corporation (TKC) students and internships for students throughout the Y-K region.

Employment Opportunities

An emphasis on local hiring through training facilities and internships continues. Over the past decades, Donlin Gold's workforce has consistently been made up of greater than 50% Calista and TKC shareholders. Through Donlin Gold's Talent Bank, the workforce development plan has been tailored to the needs of the residents in the region, directing them to the programs and training resources available to help apply for – and have access – to employment opportunities.

2019 Objectives

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