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Our Approach to Health and Safety

NOVAGOLD’s health and safety approach is guided by the vision of achieving zero harm, aspiring for an injury- and fatality-free workplace. To realize this vision, we diligently:

Danny Twitchell, environmental coordinator at the Donlin Gold project.

NOVAGOLD’s Occupational Health and Safety Management program is guided by our Corporate Health and Safety policy. NOVAGOLD’s Board, along with its Sustainability Committee, assumes oversight of health and safety policies, systems, and performance. Spearheading our comprehensive safety program is the Vice President of Health, Safety, and Environment.

At the Donlin Gold site, the Occupational Health and Safety Management program has been meticulously crafted. It’s built upon a combination of corporate policies from both joint venture partners, a comprehensive formal plan devised by health and safety management, along with standard operating procedures, and an internal health and safety management software program. All Donlin Gold employees and contractors are covered by the Occupational Health and Safety System. This system undergoes rigorous auditing every two years to evaluate its delivery, performance, and continual improvement over time. Furthermore, current site operations are governed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations (OSHA).

Integral to Donlin Gold’s safety governance are monthly safety review meetings, attended by the site General Manager, and Health and Safety management site teams. Together, they examine the causal factors of significant incidents, evaluating the quality of subsequent investigations and corrective actions aimed at preventing recurrence. Weekly safety meetings are conducted when the camp is open, involving senior management from each department and the site General Manager, where all employees review safety procedures and processes. Before the start of each working day at site, supervisors hold safety briefings. In the event of an incident or concern, the respective department manager devises an action plan, with more serious matters escalated to the Donlin Gold site General Manager. Employees who are unable to attend these meetings receive safety information through safety flash reports and virtual company safety meetings.


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