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2021 Sustainability Report2021 Sustainability Reporting Data Sheet

NOVAGOLD is focused on precious metals and the development of its Donlin Gold project in Alaska, owned in equal partnership with the second-largest global gold producer: Barrick Gold Corporation. The project is at the development level and permitting stage. No construction decision has been made. Donlin Gold LLC is a committed partner with the Alaska Native communities both surrounding the project and within the state as a whole. An important factor that distinguishes the Donlin Gold project from most other mining assets in Alaska is that the project is located on private land that was designated for mining activities five decades ago.

2020 Sustainability Reporting Data Sheet

2020 Sustainability Report2020 Sustainability Reporting Data Sheet

NOVAGOLD believes it is appropriate to increase transparency, accountability, and enhance the suite of ESG metrics the company discloses to stakeholders. We’re committed to providing stage-appropriate and relevant information, to all stakeholders, about ESG performance in alignment with the Donlin Gold project partner Barrick Gold Corporation. NOVAGOLD is working with Barrick to implement international best practice and industry standards at the Donlin Gold project and plans to expand disclosure as the project eventually moves toward construction and into operation. We are strong proponents of ongoing engagement and consultation with stakeholders through the entire development process.

2020 Sustainability Reporting Data Sheet


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