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Health & Safety

“At Donlin Gold, we are committed to environmental, social and governance (ESG) excellence. We believe that ESG is not only a responsibility, but also a competitive advantage. By operating in a sustainable and responsible manner, we create value for our stakeholders, protect the environment, and contribute to the well-being of the communities where we work.”

Enric Fernandez
Interim General Manager
Donlin Gold LLC

NOVAGOLD is unwavering in its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety management. Acknowledging our responsibilities, we prioritize providing a secure and healthy working environment for our workforce. Our dedication extends to preventing incidents, work-related injuries, and mitigating health and safety risks and hazards. At NOVAGOLD, fostering a culture of zero harm is paramount, emphasizing that health and safety are collective responsibilities and top priorities for everyone.

This commitment to health and safety, as outlined in NOVAGOLD’s Health and Safety Policy, is fundamental to fostering an environment where every individual returns home safely every day. It is extended to the safety, health, and welfare of NOVAGOLD’s employees and their families, Donlin Gold’s employees and their families, contractors, visitors, and all communities surrounding operations. NOVAGOLD management is resolute in providing leadership in health and safety, with all team members holding themselves accountable for personal safety and that of their colleagues. Collaborating with Donlin Gold, we actively encourage a culture promoting safe work practices, through individual and group employee motivation, safety achievement rewards, and recognition of safety performance, both within the workplace and in our local communities.

This dedication empowers individuals and fosters collaborative efforts within communities, ensuring a promising future for all. NOVAGOLD and Donlin Gold provide team members with the necessary training, guidance, direction, and knowledge to safely perform their tasks, while requiring continuous demonstration of essential skills and competence for safety. Rigorous standards are implemented for the protection of all employees and contractors, actively promoting safety programs at our worksites and throughout the Y-K region and investing in the development of the current and future workforce through training and educational activities and programs. Moreover, we actively support and encourage efforts to promote a safe and healthy lifestyle beyond the workplace with initiatives accessible across the Y-K region’s communities. We continuously identify and then eliminate, isolate, or mitigate risks and hazards for every task, while seeking improvements in policies and procedures through team member communication and feedback, motivation, reward and recognition, health and safety system reviews, and the incorporation of new technology, techniques, and processes. Furthermore, we maintain and test emergency response plans to minimize the impacts of unforeseen events.

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