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“At NOVAGOLD, our governance practices are pivotal for achieving our robust ESG goals. In 2023, we focused on strengthening our governance foundations to drive sustainable value for stakeholders. Our diverse Board underscores our commitment to inclusion, and our Committee will continue aligning with diversity objectives while enhancing practices for ongoing improvement. Strong corporate governance, with clear policies and active oversight, guides our direction, ensuring integrity, exceeding stakeholder expectations, and fulfilling sustainability commitments.”

Dawn Whittaker
Director and Chair of NOVAGOLD’s Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee

NOVAGOLD’s Commitments to Governance

NOVAGOLD’s ESG leadership framework underscores the organization’s commitment to integrating ESG priorities across all levels. The governance of ESG issues is robust and originates from the highest echelons, establishing clear responsibilities across various reporting lines. Recognizing the vital role of consistent, transparent, and proactive communication, NOVAGOLD actively encourages stakeholders to share their perspectives, deepening our understanding of their interests, concerns, and priorities. Each year, NOVAGOLD establishes rigorous goals, disclosing details in the Management Information Circular for the upcoming year and achievements for the preceding year. The executive team and Board collaborate on setting both long-term strategic and short-term annual goals.


Company management and the Board recognize the crucial role of a comprehensive sustainability strategy in achieving our strategic objectives. Such a strategy fosters positive relationships with both internal and external stakeholders and enhances our processes for identifying and managing risks. Moreover, it directly and indirectly benefits the local communities surrounding both Donlin Gold and NOVAGOLD, both presently and throughout the proposed mine’s lifecycle.

At the core of our Sustainability strategy lies robust governance. The Board, through the Sustainability Committee, which comprises directors with expertise in environmental stewardship, permitting, compliance, climate change, biodiversity, and worker health and safety, oversees our environmental direction. While maintaining ultimate oversight of ESG performance, the Sustainability Committee regularly reviews environmental matters with management, convening at least quarterly and providing reports at each regular Board meeting.


Governance Policies

NOVAGOLD’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy, Human Rights Policy, Insider Trading Policy, and Corporate Disclosure Policy serve to strengthen our standards and values. These policies articulate our firm expectation that employees adhere to the utmost standards of legal and ethical behavior. All employees at both NOVAGOLD and Donlin Gold are expected to follow each company’s policies and receive appropriate training and communication regarding these policies and procedures, including our Anti-Corruption Policies. In 2023, there were no reported or observed incidents of corruption at either NOVAGOLD or Donlin Gold, highlighting our commitment to maintaining integrity and transparency in all aspects of our operations. In addition, our Human Rights Policy, Health and Safety Policy, Climate Change Policy, Biodiversity Policy, and Environmental Policy outline our commitments to protecting the environment and the health and safety of our people and communities.

The Company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, along with other policies, play a crucial role in managing NOVAGOLD’s business activities, contributing to our long-term success. Regular reviews of governance policies ensure alignment with changes in our business and relevant regulations. The NOVAGOLD Board oversees our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics along with related policies to ensure compliance, regularly reviewing them to align with evolving ethical standards.

Applicable Corporate Policies can be found at

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